By: Samy Zafrany

Here are some more examples of tkpaint in action. More interesting demos (that are too large to put here) are to be found in the package itself.

Look at what you can do in one simple step to the slide from the previous page! This is performed by the "Deform" operation included in the "Group" menu. You select any group of objects and then simply drag one of 4 handles to twist the objects like here:

Thanks to the Img package of Jan Nijtmans: it is possible now to load in tkpaint many image formats like wIndows BMP, JPEG, PPM, and more.

The "Group" menu has many operations that you can apply to groups of objects. With the "Deform" operation it is easy to create 3D objects like cubes.

This is the font selection box of tkpaint. It is due to Donald K. Fellows ( with some simple modifications by me and was succesfully integrated into tkpaint:

In tkpaint you can design you favourite arrow shape via the following tool. (The source for this was stollen and adapted to tkpaint from the demos directory of the standard distribution of tcl/tk 8.0 - probably due to Ousterhout?).

Finally, version 1.5 introduces the improved "Grid Selector". Now it is easier to select, disabel, or enable grid and snap parameters (and ticks too!). This makes work with tkpaint much easier and faster. This is how the Grid Selector looks like: