Information about the Book

Mathematics: One moment before ...

By: Alex Kooperman and Samy Zafrany

This is a textbook, in the Hebrew language, for students entering their studies at the university or college level in engineering or science faculties. The purpose of the book is to refresh high school mathematics and it also contains some topics not usually coverd in high school, but nevertheless are required at the academic level. It can be used in pre-calculus courses or courses preparing students to higher mathematics (especially calculus).

The sharp transition from high school mathematics to university level mathematics is a major difficulty for many students at their first year. The authors, on the basis of their long experience, try to focus on those specific subjects that are essential to a good start in learning math at the university level.

The book is available from almost all universities and colleges bookstores.

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Introduction Introduction to the book
Cover page The cover page of the book
Trigonometric formulas Four pages of useful formulas
Exam One example of exam